Casio - Magical Light ML-1 (tiny keyboard with real key lighting & nice demos)

This keyboard from 1994 (embossed case stamp date) is the tiniest Casio keyboard with genuine key lighting (i.e. the keys itself flash red, not only an LED row above). It has 10 wonderful orchestrated demo melodies with melody guide play training (but no different levels). Unlike the bigger Casio ML-2 (32 midsize keys), the ML-1 has only 25 mini keys and only the white keys can light up, therefore also the set of built-in melodies is different. This instrument was also released with black case.

The behaviour of the Casio ML-1 is extremely similar like Casio ML-2 (see there), thus I will only describe here the differences.

different main features:



Due to the shorter keyboard the rightmost one of the 4 sounds in the "rock drum" and "s.e." sound kits can not be played on the Casio ML-1.

This instrument has partly different melodies than Casio ML-2, because the ML-1 can not light its sharps (black keys) for play teaching and thus melodies including them were replaced with others. Strange is that also the 6 identical ones are in a different order. (Because the CPU type numbers are different, the music set on the ML-1 likely can not be switched to the ML-2 set and vice versa by a simple keyboard matrix easteregg or the like.)

The 10 demo melodies of the ML-1 are:

  1. Frère Jaques*
  2. Joy to the World*
  3. Old Mac Donald had a Farm*
  4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star*
  5. Minuet (J. S. Bach)*
  6. London Bridge*
  7. Michael
  8. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  9. The Camptown Races
  10. Ode to Joy
*) These tunes exist also on Casio ML-2.
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