Creatoy (keyboard) (monophonic squarewave toy keyboard with great POKEY rhythm)

This red toy keyboard from 1990 has a handle and blue, semicircular speaker, but there is no name on it. It plays 8 fantastic, grainy POKEY- style rhythms.

In Germany it was also released as GoodPlay - Melodie-Orgel (seen on eBay).

main features:

REF NR. 721922  3, SUPPLIER NR. L411/521



When I found the instrument on a flea market, 2 rhythm buttons of silicone were torn off and the silicone contacts of the keyboard didn't conduct anymore. Though I bought for about 2 EUR a "pocket databank" calculator with many silicone rubber keys to transplant the contacts from its mat to the defective keyboard. =>It is now playable again. I didn't do other modifications yet, although the 2 independent resistor controlled clock circuits are likely well suited for modifications.

Likely a white oval variant of this keyboard was released as StarMate Palette (same rhythm names, decal showing a paintbrush, seen on eBay). Another variant was the poorly working Intersound - Guitar Star - Rhythm Guitar MT-7112.

 removal of these screws voids warranty...    
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